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It’s More Than a Game For Eliot Crowley

Sometimes (not often, unfortunately) things that you enjoy doing can actually be extremely beneficial.  This is the case for a game that Eliot Crowley has been playing with ten photographer friends.  The idea for the game is simple – each day one player posts an image which is related to the previous day’s image.  They can interpret it in any way they choose, whether it be similar in subject, color palate, style or even a more subtle way. The players take turns each day responding to their competitor’s image posted the previous day.   What started as a simple game for fun turned into incredibly helpful practice for honing their photographic skills.  “Playing this game really helps me see things differently than I normally would,” says Eliot. “I find myself creating images I otherwise wouldn’t have thought to if not for this game.”  

The tight knit group of photographers all came together in the 1990’s as members of consultant Ian Summers’ “Heartstorming” group.  Throughout the years they stayed in touch, and earlier this year Eliot had the idea for this game.  After quickly hashing out the rules, they began the experiment on May 1.  Since then, not one day has gone by without a player posting an image.  With all the variables that life presents, this is an impressive feat. “Sometimes we are in remote locations, with no internet access or even electricity, yet we have all managed to get an image up every single day.”

Eliot is particularly proud of one image that resulted from this game.  When his turn came around, Eliot had to “respond” to an image of a deer in the wild.  Running with the “nature” theme, Eliot risked life, limb, and camera to capture the phenomenal above image of a lonely golf hole in the middle of a torrential downpour.  

The overall theme of “changing perceptions” was the impetus and also the primary accelerant of this entire project.  “What we’re trying to do is take back control of our work and change the perception of photography.  It is an art form and not just some commodity that you can just go onto the web and grab and download.”

To see all the images in the game, visit the Daily Photo Game website.

For more of Eliot’s fantastic imagery, check out his FoundFolios portfolio.